A quick reference to finding and downloading the latest and greatest stable version of Eclipse; CFEclipse, Colorer, and maintaining your plugins across multiple Eclipse installs (or upgrades).

First you need to go to the downloads page. However, once there, they hide the new milestone release from you. You need to click on the link “looking for the old Eclipse downloads page?” True, you could just click on that link now, but that takes you out of the framed interface of the eclipse.org site - which may not be a good thing.

Then just click on the link for the “xxx.x Stream stable build” - typically this will be the next upgrade level. For instance right now xxx.x = 3.1

Now that you have Eclipse you should check out how to install your plug ins separately from Eclipse (so you can have multiple copies of Eclipse installed using the same plugins), and of course you should check out CFEclipse (grab the latest nightly build) so that you can do all your CF development. Finally, you may want to give Colorer a look (its a syntax highlighting plugin for Eclipse for stuff like javascript, xml, etc.; however it doesn’t work with 3.1 M7 currently).

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