If you read my prior post you’ll be happy to know that they did settle on XML. Of course, they just sent me an example of the XML file to send instead of an XSD file that I could use to validate my generated XML with (I love XMLSpy, you can get a free version!)- but at least it is going to be XML!

In other news, if you somehow didn’t know, Adobe is buying Macromedia. OK - I don’t really see how this will effect me at all. As a Software Engineer should CF get killed (which I strongly doubt) I will just create software with other languages/platforms. No biggie. However, I don’t see CF going away. Adobe has no apparent reason to kill it but rather it seems obvious that they would want to embrace it as an entry point into a market they currently have zero presence in.

Finally, if you have never seen four year olds play soccer - you’re missing out. My daughter just started playing and it is hilarious to watch the group run around.