Sorry for the off topic post, but I thought this was pretty cool.

Everytime I get ready to take a trip we muck around with all sorts of travel sites like travelocity,, expedia, orbitz, etc. Well, it looks like Yahoo is about to raise the bar a level by building one site that searches across all of them. I don’t know how many different sites it will search but looks pretty darn cool - and gives you alot of great options to pick from. Plus, not only will it search for outgoing flights at the airport you select, but it will search at geographical close airports as well. For instance when I did a search from Huntington WV it also searched out of Charleston as well and, as it turns out, the fare was significantly cheaper leaving from Charleston. What a time saver!

NOTE: this is a very old post and farechase doesn’t exist anymore. It was cool when it was there though.