I was just looking at CAKE - a pretty slick looking PHP application framework that I was directed to by digitalmediaminute. Overall it looks very slick and easy to use. My only caveat is that it appears you need a full copy of the framework for each application on the server. I guess that is OK in some regards - you can have some apps using different versions of the framework (which may or may not be a good thing). However, I like the idea implemented in mach-ii that lets you invoke the framework from within your application while only having a single instance of the app on your server.

Truth be told I don’t know if you can do that with mach-ii for PHP but you can for CF. Another truth though is while I have read all about mach-ii, played with it, and had a great desire to use it, I haven’t been able to. All of my current projects are on CF 5! And I haven’t had spare time to do anything fun with either CF MX or 7.

I am also trying to learn Ruby but have had quite a bit of trouble just getting ruby to work on my windows box with apache. So if anyone has any tips on that I’m open to suggestions/advice/help. I really want to dig into the inspiration behind cake - Ruby on Rails which looks VERY COOL.

Then maybe I can start development on lootly!