If you are working with CF and OOP and in that work are using Beans then this link is for you - http://blog.maestropublishing.com/index.cfm?mode=entry& entry=A5EC4D60-B152-F6D1-4F1E634CBA2D5048

It is a full fledged bean builder written by [Peter Farrell](http://blog.maestropublishing.com/ “” ) written entirely in html and javascript. It will generate the entire CF code you need for a bean. Just make sure you review the generated code to make sure it deals with non “string” parameters the way you want.

He has an online version to demonstrate its capabilities at http://blog.maestropublishing.com/mach- ii_beaner.htm however he asks that if you want to use the bean builder that you download from the first link and run it locally.

If your not sure what your doing when you get to the builder, click on the “Show Example Bean” button. It will make everything pretty clear at that point.