If you are interested in either Tartan or CFCUnit both have a mailing list at topica.


Signup is free - however, it is also a pain in the rear.

They prompted me with all sorts of offers - thankfullly all were unchecked by default. However, today I had to change my password and it sends you through a three step process to update your profile.

  1. Change your password
  2. choose to not participate in any of their “partner” offers
  3. go into a LONG loop of declining other offers in an “OPTIONAL” survey that you can’t NOT fill out If it’s optional, let me skip the damn thing. I know Topica needs to make their money somehow but is it really necessary to annoy your users in doing it?

If I didn’t think the end value of both lists were worth it I would definatly have just quit during the registration process. Topica - stop beating me up with ads and offers!



I agree, Topica sucks. Heck they could have used google groups or yahoo groups and made life easier..

I don’t understand why anyone uses Topica.

Aral Balkan

That Topica site is ridiculous. Tried to sign up to join the Tartan list and got spammed with pages of offers. After the third page (fourth if you count the first registration page) I gave up.

Please people, if you run mailing lists, don’t use services like this.

If anyone from the Tartan team is reading this, I’ll be happy to set up a list for you on OSFlash if you like.