I am creating this blog for two reasons.

  1. pull my “geek” posts out of my personal website
  2. motivate myself to thoughtfully consider development ideas and write about them. The first reason, moving the “geek” posts, is intended to primarilly save my family from all of my development related posts. Currently, I’m the only real computer person in my family so a large portion of my blog, http://blog.rawlinson.us, gets glazed over by my relatives because they have no interest in Coldfusion, php, java, javascript, etc.. etc.. etc.. While my other site will continue to gather some geek stuff such as “myLoot” specific posts and php topics (particularly in regard to wordpress) this site will become the home of the most technical dicussions I post about.

The second reason, motivating myself, will hopefully lead me to be better at my job. By critically considering and writing about various topics related to software development, specifically in dealing with ColdFusion, perhaps I will change my outlook on various things - and, more importantly, I hope to gain and even better understanding of many topics.

In the end, I hope each post is a catalyst for thought and discussion. Even if I am the only one who ends up reading this stuff it will at least serve as a catalyst for thought; but hopefully, through this site, I will reach others who have similar thoughts, questions, concerns, and ideas.

This page will probably change in appearance quite a bit. Please bear with me as I go through a learning curve. I’m not entirely sure what this blog space is capable of. For instance, I don’t know how well it will display formatted code snippets - or really anything else for that matter.

So welcome to my new blog,