I just bumped into this cool project that “The Man in Blue” is working on. He has tried htmlarea, RTE, and FCKeditor and found them all lacking due to their complexity so he set out to build his own - widgEditor. This is a project that I hope really succeeds for two reasons.

  1. Standards Complaint HTML - no ugly font tags floating all over the place
  2. Unobtrusive Javascript Unobtrusive Javascript is probably the coolest web development idea I have encountered. Basically with it you don’t leave javascript hooks lying all over the place; instead you use the DOM on the pageload to find what needs to be hooked into and you take care of it there.

Later today I will have to write about my unobtrusive sortable tables script. If you haven’t messed with Unobtrusive Javascript at all - you really should. It makes maintenance SO MUCH EASIER and is very, very slick.