I just saw this over at DougHughes website and thought it was worth reposting

  • if for nothing else my own future reference:


He walks you through exporting settings for your entire server or for just certain applications. The value of this is pretty evident especially if you have an application setup on many servers (dev, testing, staging, production) and you don’t want to manually add the dsn, client variable store, mappings, etc on each server.

Very handy indeed! Thanks Doug.



Thanks Jeffery - I updated the post accordingly.


Updated URL:



I would venture to guess there is just a problem with his Server. Doug is a pretty active member of the CF community so I doubt his site will be offline long.

I didn’t think to keep a copy of the webpage so, unfortunatly, you will have to wait for his site to get back online.


man the link is not opening you have th eprocedure he listed out